40th Birthday Cake Topper


40th Birthday Cake Topper. An attractive cake topper to transform any kind of cake into a party item. A foam and cardboard boxes cut out high heeled boot with embellishments and a diamante number. This cake mattress topper comes ready assembled inside a plastic cake pick that allows the topper to be securely inserted into your cake. Surge is approx 5cm long and 7mm at that widest. This cake cover is non edible and possesses small parts and should therefore not possible be used as a toy as well as kept away from young children.

Making use of your photo as references, 40th Birthday Cake Topper our skilled personnel sculptors can create custom figures made to look JUST LIKE YOU! Publish or Email your pictures and design, let us handcraft your moment in a very special way to reflect your wedding, bday, party, hobbies, personalities, passions, etc . We will work together within handcrafting the special second only unique to your self.

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