Asian Wedding Cake Toppers


Asian Wedding Cake Toppers Wedding Cake Toppers are an important part of your wedding. Choose one that matches your personality, or will make your guests laugh. However you choose you will find Wedding Cake Tops are available here at The Wedding Outlet in a wide assortment of styles and themes. From traditional bride and groom wedding cake toppers, monogram wedding cake toppers, to comical wedding cake toppers that are great for a wedding shower or engagement party!
Asian Wedding Cake Toppers Googly Gifts Wedding Cake Toppers don't make cake, they make handmade, personalised wedding cake toppers made to your specification. Each topper is handmade from scratch using Fimo polymer clay, which is 100% non-toxic and once fired turns into a hard, durable plastic material, so your toppers will be a unique keepsake and a long lasting reminder of your special day.

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