Birthday Cake Girls


Birthday Cake Girls. Dessert Girls was a specialty food handling business business located in Chicago, The state of illinois. They are known for creating harmless art cakes in the form of copies of architectural landmarks as well as cultural icons. They have been showcased on WE tv's Incredible Wedding Cakes and the Meals Network's Last Cake Position.

The Cake Girls tend to be Mary and Brenda Maher, sisters who were born and also raised in Rochester, The state of michigan. As children, they each understood they had an creative talent in creating various kinds of cake. As adults, these people both spent time operating at a bakery in Detroit, Michigan and rediscovered their own passion for creating sophisticated three-dimensional "sculpted" cakes with regard to weddings and other special occasions. Soon after this period in Detroit, the siblings decided they could do better using their own business in Chicago, il, and thus was born "Cake Girls".

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