Birthday Cake Woman


Birthday Cake Woman. Whether you like the rich and creamy or light variety, dips are easy, full of taste and have endless versions which is why they are concidered the ideal party dish in addition to snack. Branch our your own dip range with these quality recipes including favourites like greens, hommus and french red onion or special types just like spicy salsa and crab cob loaves.

My husband constantly says the same thing for every guests birthday: “I’m happy you had been born! ” At first, I believed it was a little strange. I mean, exactly what happened to the traditional “Happy Birthday”. Now, I love the item! It is so sincere simply because he truly is pleased you were born. Birthday Cake Woman “Happy Birthday” is celebratory of a day time, but “I’m happy that you were born” is celebratory of getting someone in your life. I think it is sweet. So I made this TOTALLY FREE BIRTHDAY PRINTABLE for all of anyone in honor of my loving, supporting, funny, weird, nerdy, as well as sweet husband on his birthday bash because I am thankful (and happy) everyday that he was created.

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