Cake Designs At Kroger


Cake Designs At Kroger, The first step is usually to create your bunny body or maybe bunny canvas. Simply the actual directions on your cake mixture of choice and bake a couple of 8" or 9" circular cakes. Once they are from the oven and have cooled, reduce them exactly in half. Get two halves and set these aside; take one half with the remaining cake and cut off the rounded top to produce a flat surface. Next spread many thin lines of frosting on your bunny base, this is very important as it will help keep your rabbit from hopping around the foundation.

Place the single cake with all the two flat sides in the center of the two rounded cake halves that were previously set aside as well as frost all of the inside areas. Remember to keep the rounded floors turned to the outside to create a cozy bunny exterior.Cake Designs At Kroger Once all the surfaces have been stuck with each other, frost the entire body of your own bunny, swirling the frosting as you go

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