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Cakes By Design Miami, The third shortcut to beautiful lace piping is usually to use a flower cutter to first emboss your icing before piping over the pattern, which is much simpler than freehand piping. Patchwork Cutters have a great selection associated with cutters for this purpose which you’ll find right here: Patchwork Cutters (including Marion Frost’s very useful manual on embroidery and wide lace piping).

To increase enhance the particular lace effect you should use the damp paintbrush to generate a feathered look using the brush embroidery method, Cakes By Design Miami, similar to the showcased wedding cake at the top of this page (top left) by Aussie cake superstars, Sweet Artwork. Fiona Pearse of Topping Bliss has a excellent tutorial here at brush embelleshment.

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