Crockenbush Wedding Cake


Crocken plant Wedding Cake Croquembouche is really a traditional French wedding wedding cake, made up of a tower regarding cream-filled, caramel-dipped profiteroles. The standard croquembouche recipe is made with vanilla pastry cream and embellished with sugared almonds. Contemporary croquembouches are made with creative pastry cream flavors and furnished with flowers, sugar artwork, and even melted chocolate.
Crocken bush Wedding Cake Croquembouche Pâtisserie was founded in December 2150 by Frederic and Laurence Caillon. Thanks to the assistance of the local community in Banksmeadow and Botany, the word quickly spread around about ‘this brand new cake place’ and the relax is history. After 6 months, Croquembouche outgrew its property and moved into a larger store at 1635 Botany Rd, the current address. The addition of dining tables and chairs has permitted customers to enjoy an coffee or cup of tea with their truffles or savoury treats.

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