Cupcake Caterpillar Birthday Cake


Cupcake Caterpillar Birthday Cake. This is one fabulous birthday dessert! Featured on Sprinkle Bakes, we are downright infatuated with this particular gorgeous homemade cake. Made out of the classic Sixlet coated chocolates candies, we have a feeling this is one cake that will get some awe-filled glances through party guests both small and big. Don't miss out on the full guide and recipe included in this article -- there's some gorgeous photography included, along with other home made Sixlet cakes readers possess sent in!

Cupcake Caterpillar Birthday Cake. These crazy truffles are in a whole other group of artistic culinary styles than the frosted treats you have seen at places such as Dairy Queen. These sweets are works of art, but with an enormous side of creativity. Through the bizarre (think 3D expecting bellies and pasta cakes) to intricate masterpieces (the caterpillar cupcakes are some thing else), these crazy pancakes are sure to fill sugar creatures and art connoisseurs as well with deep appreciation.

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