Designer Cakes By April


Designer Cakes By April.
Who else doesn’t like flowers? On the special occasion or any normal time, flowers always put an endearing smile of a girls face. Using the soothing scent and gorgeous soft petals, flowers the actual world a happier location ?. I love tulips, flowers, and hydrangeas. And many more… but those are our favorites. Roses are especially stylish. Perfect for wedding, valentines day time, and any other beautiful event.

When I saw this style of birthday cake online at I am Baker blog (She is awesome, you should really check your ex out! ) I knew I had developed to make it! The first time I caused it to be was for my sister’s graduation and it was a large hit. That time it was the 3-layer white cake. We didn’t have time to get pictures then so I realized I wanted to make it again to demonstrate everyone. I decided to do a 2-layer vanilla bean cake, full of pastry cream. It was just like delicious as how stunning it looked.

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