Elite Cake Designs 2016


Elite Cake Designs, At Elite Cake Designs we are passionate about the wedding cakes we all create. Our cakes usually are individually designed by us all to be the centrepiece of your big day. Picture your cake beautifully captured in treasured images showing your first moments like a married couple as you cut your cake together.

We are situated in Solihull and provide a specialist wedding cake service in order to couples in Solihull, Luton, Coventry, the West Midlands and beyond. Elite Cake Designs, We are recommended suppliers to renowned venues such as Nuthurst Grange, the Belfry as well as the Windmill Hotel. Our cakes are not just beautiful to consider, but delicious to be able to taste, with flavours such as strawberry and champagne, chocolate orange and Cointreau and Jack Daniels and rant. We present a range of masterclasses for a person to learn how to create gorgeous cakes!

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