Frozen Cake Designs


Freezing Cake Designs Here is an additional cake design by Innovative Cakes by Robyn. This particular disney frozen cake style and design is covered with buttercream icing, I love buttercream. The girl also use fondant decorations around the cake. The topper Olivia, the number 8, the red, white and blue and also the pink background of the harmless print is also fondant topping. Very cute and lovable for an 8-year-old girl. I understand my daughter is now fourteen, but she loves often the Disney movie Frozen.
Iced Cake Designs great development by Creative Cakes through Robyn. You can take a stepped on to their Facebook page and also to their website. Have fun and keep cooking. If you’re thinking about creating some thing similar yourself, ice cream cones could be ideal for the turrets. Place two flat-bottomed cones on top of one another with the largest part at each end, after which place a pointed goodies cone on top. Alternatively, you can combine a pointed cone with the cardboard from a move of tinfoil. Darlene coming from Make Fabulous Cakes features a fantastic tutorial showing how you can do this.

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