Lego Birthday Party Cake


Lego Birthday Party Cake. Kids' birthday cake way of doing something is not too difficult to find. What small kid (or bigger child, for that matter) doesn't enjoy LEGOs? Whether you develop the iconic studs (quick training: Yep, that's what all those little bumps are called) out of cake or fondant, the end result will be totally awesome. While looking around pinterest I came across some interesting lego bday cake ideas as well as several lego hacks which are only awesome! So I put all of these in one place for you to check out!

So , I want to add some regarding my best leads. As the case with most things about Pinterest, you can really enter into the party and overload. There are leads for Seglar cakes, lego covers to get juice boxes, lego event invites, lego gift handbag ideas, lego games, seglar decorations, and so much more. I am a functional mom so I honestly could get overwhelmed when wanting to ensure it is the best party possible, but additionally finding a balance given our budget and time. The son is turning six and I can bet he will not remember each fine detail so I kept my bash within theme but on a tight budget. But if you want to go all out, there is certainly definitely an abundance of ideas. I am going to do my best to collect some great links for you.

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