Paula Deen Birthday Cake


Paula Deen Birthday Cake, I have already told ya'll that I'm not big upon baking layer cakes, because well, I'm too much of a perfectionist and my cakes are constantly definately not perfect looking -- uneven layers, too very much or inadequate filling in between the layers, crumbs in the frosting, - although at least they (generally) all taste good.

Because far as decorating? Pfffft. Faggetaboutit! While I envy those who can, I am totally uncoordinated and clueless in order to manipulate those tiny, little cake decorating tips to create all those pretty designs and possess certainly never had typically the courage to attempt that on a birthday cake! Maybe some day I will merely bake a cake regarding playing around with. Paula Deen Birthday Cake, I actually could use the training both for cake making plus cake decorating. Or might be even take a course?!

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