Traditional Birthday Cake


Traditional Birthday Cake. These days we place candles on this birthday cakes in hopes which with one breath, we are definately blow out all the candles as well as our wishes will come correct. What many don’t understand is that this tradition, steeped within Greek Mythology, has been happening since before the dawn associated with Christianity. Every time we fly out our candles, the Empress of the moon, the hunt, wildlife, wilderness, virginity, and giving birth hears our call…

Traditional Birthday Cake. With time, the tradition has trapped, and today, we still fly out candles on sweetened celestial satellite cakes for the anniversary of our own births. For this very cause, Jehovah’s Witnesses are tired to celebrate their birthdays along with cakes and candles. Appeasing an ancient pagan god is actually something not to be taken gently when it comes to their faith.

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