Wedding Cake Buttercream Icing Recipe


Wedding Cake Buttercream Icing Recipe There's something gorgeous and elegant about black and white wedding cakes that brings an air of sophistication to a wedding. The groom's black tuxedo and the bride's white bridal gown conjure up the scene of the ultimate black and white ball! Black and white cakes are a natural progression in keeping with the theme. This classy colour contrast is still appropriate for a semi-formal wedding, but for the formal wedding, it fits like a glass slipper!
Wedding Cake Buttercream Icing Recipe It best suits black and white wedding themes with black and white wedding decorations and some silver accents and decor. The most common wedding cake decoration for a black and white wedding cake is black organza or satin ribbons. Of course, black wedding cakes are less appropriate, as they look so unappetising....but ah! If the wedding cake were a contrast of white and dark chocolate, as in the last picture in this page.....All the chocolate lovers would be salivating and wouldn't that be grand!

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