Wedding Cake Flower Decorations


Wedding Cake Flower Decorations has been an important part regarding celebrating weddings since the period of the Roman Empire. In those times, icing wasn’t even developed and the cake of choice was obviously a simple loaf of whole wheat and barley. How times have changed. The current wedding cake is usually a little more ornate: multi-tiered, decorated together with spectacular feats of topping, flowers or spun sugars, and with flavors to charm any palate. Wedding truffles are works of art and they do not come cheap.

The most Wedding Cake Flower Decorations costly wedding cake ever, developed in 2013, was embellished with more than 4, 000 gemstones by the British bakery Dessert, at a price of $52. seven million dollars. Although which astronomical price tag is atypical, the average cost of a wedding wedding cake is still nearly $500 and may easily rise over a 1000, depending on the size and style.

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