Wedding Cake Servers And Knives


Wedding Cake Servers As well as Knives Cake server models normally include two items: a knife used to reduce the cake and a wedge-shaped serving piece used to raise and serve the dessert to the guests. Cake machine sizes range depending on their own shape, but are often eight to 12 inches long. Cake knives and machines can be personalized so that it could become more specific to your wedding ceremony or event. Common decoration on a cake knife would be to have the names of the new bride & groom followed by the marriage date. Additional designs might be engraved as well to make it suit the theme of the wedding.
Marriage Cake Servers And Cutlery Engraving a monogram can also be an option that add classiness to the knife. Similarly, the majority of cake servers can also be etched with names, wedding or maybe event date, designs, monogram, and single initial. Each pieces of the cake helping set do not have to be the exact same. Different engraving can be put into each piece.

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