Wedding Cake Stand For Sale


Wedding Cake Stand For Sale This is a great white-colored wedding cake for those of you who choose it plain. When I must have been a child, one of my neighbours who was elderly made lots of wedding cakes for family along with other people, and she required great pride in the girl work. She used elegant staircases you get in dessert decorating stores, and even crocheted certain decorations. All is within your imagination. No expert baker did what the girl did. Be creative

Cut Wedding Cake Stand For Sale one of the 8 inch sq . cakes to make a 5 " square cake. Place the ten inch cake on a big flat tray or dish. Frost top and edges with thin layer of decorative Icing. Cover top involving cake smoothly with more frosting. Center 8 inch wedding cake on top of 10 inch pastry, and frost as over. Center 5 inch birthday cake on 8 inch dessert, and frost. Spread frosting over entire cake to provide a flat, even base intended for decorating. Decorate as preferred. Italian Wedding Cake simply by Bosque

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